Printing Colors


The color space used in the printing process are as below, you must set your artwork to CMYK color space to reduce any necessary error.

  1. Offset printing - CMYK color space.
  2. Silk Screen - CMYK color space
  3. Inkjet - RGB or CMYK color space
  4. Hot stamping - CMYK color space
  5. Black Text - Standard or small text only set to Black (K=100), do not use RGB.
  6. Computer monitor is RGB color space, so what you see is more sharper than the print-out products.
CMYK color space


All files used for PRINTINGS should be in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color space. Theoritically, the CMYK mode is more Reddish, but the RGB mode is more Yellowish. Some colors from RGB mode can not be seen exactly in CMYK mode. Because RGB have 16.8 millions colors (256x256x256), but CMYK have 6 millions colors.

The CMYK Color Space

The CMYK color space is putting on color inks on media or material based on the Additive means. You only seen the material's color (eg. White if on white paper) if no ink added. This CMYK mode is used in PRINTING industries. Print-out of CMYK mode are intended for viewing on paper or other solid, hard copy media. 
However, the maximum combination of CMYK mixture is 250%higher than this will produce a messy image, just like you putting too much ink on a media.